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Data Collection to Salesforce Made Easy

Build and Deploy Custom Forms, Collect Data on Salesforce within minutes using GirikFormBuilder. No Coding Skills Needed

100% Build Native

Prevent Data Loss

Better Collaboration

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GirikForm Builder App is a full-featured App by Girikon that enables the easy creation of secure online forms and surveys using its no-code, drag-and-drop functionality. This new gen App finds applications across various industry verticals such as education, non-profits, SMBs, and more. The App empowers organizations to gather information in a hassle-free way to power their businesses. Whether creating contact forms, registration forms, or a landing page, spending long hours working on them is now a passé. Users can now automate workflows within their organization rather than manually exporting and importing data.

The Salesforce GirikForm Builder App offers limitless options for customization along with a suite of integrations. It also offers great flexibility and versatility to help teams of all shapes and sizes be more productive. Besides creating eye-catching forms, it’s now easy to create online forms with multiple layers of security and different levels of compliance, all to ensure you collect data in a highly safe environment.

Using the GirikForm Builder App would be a breeze for teams looking to capture leads, accept inquiries, manage registrations, process orders, collect feedback, and manage different types of data, through smart and powerful forms.

Key Features

Some of other features of APP


Lightning Enabled

Works on Lightning and Classic both

Data Storage

Collect data to any Salesforce Object

Drag and Drop Functionality

Build Forms and Survey with Drag and Drop feature

Flexibility in Publishing Forms

Manage all your forms from one place

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboard and Reporting on Data Collected

Customised Branding

You can choose from inbuilt Theme or customize

Customised Individual Questions

Can have questions as you need in the form

Additional Usability

Custom Develop to meet your any specific needs

Question Scores

Can map score to questions

Security Settings

Native APP built on Salesforce Platform

Supporting Questions

Support Services


GirikForm Builder is a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of industries to simplify form creation and streamline data collection.




​This Salesforce GirikForm Builder App simplifies the process of form creation. It also allows easy incorporation into your application or website. The drag-and-drop functionality allows ease of usage with little technical training.


Less Technical Know-how

Using an online GirikForm Builder App is simple and requires no special coding or programming knowledge due to the drag-and-drop functionality of the App.


Easy Integrations

This Salesforce web form builder allows integration with other apps, which makes data transfer from one app to another quite seamless.


New Architecture

The architecture of the Form builder is simple and comprises of the form editor and Form Runner. Additionally, it enables frequent integration with a user management system.


Lighting Enabled

This Salesforce Lighting Form Builder works equally well with Salesforce classic, as well as the Lightning platform.


Reduce Manual Tasks

The App seamlessly integrates with other apps, which doesn't require you to invest in other tools thereby saving valuable time, as well as money. Also, manual usage of pen and paper is reduced which is not just time-consuming but also very tedious.

So, get the right data by leveraging Girikon’s GirikForm Builder App for accelerating growth and maximizing productivity.

key Benefites

  • What is the pricing plan for GirikFormBuilder?
    Currently, we offer a free trial of the product for 14 days. Post the trial, there will be a price associated as per the number of users in the organization using GirikFormBuilder. You can now get in touch with our sales team by booking a demo and starting your free trial.
  • What is GirikForm Builder?
    GirikForm Builder is a powerful application that helps you create Forms and Surveys in minutes to capture information through any object, either standard (lead, account, and contact) or custom. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to create forms. It creates customizable, job-specific forms for unit needs. Forms Corner administrators, with help from ATLAS Applications, have the capacity to maintain, edit, and redistribute their own forms. With help of GirikForm Builder, you can publish forms and surveys on a variety of websites or enterprise management systems. Using Salesforce’s standard out-of-the-box functionality there is a limited choice of objects for instance you are only able to create links between Web to Lead and Web to Case. With this application, you will have the capability to create forms and link to any objects in Salesforce.
  • How to use the Formula field in GirikFormBuilder?
    To add a new Formula field follow these steps: Step 1: Let’s start with creating a form first. Click on the "Create Form" button and give your form a name. Step 2: Add a Formula Field Once you have created the form, click on the "Add Field" button and select "Formula" from the drop-down menu. Give your formula field a name and click on the "Create" button. Step 3: Define the Formula After creating the formula field, you need to define the formula. To do so, click on the "Edit" button next to the formula field. Next Step 4: Enter the Formula - in the Formula Editor, you can enter the mathematical expression you want to use for the calculation. For example, you could enter "([Field 1] + [Field 2]) * [Field 3]" to calculate the total cost of an order. Here, "[Field 1]", "[Field 2]", and "[Field 3]" are placeholders for the actual field names you want to use in your calculation. Step 5: Save the Formula once you have entered the formula, click on the "Save" button to save your changes. Your formula field is now ready to use. Step 6: Test the Formula To test the formula, add some data to the other fields in the form, and the formula field will automatically calculate the result. You can also edit the data in the other fields, and the formula field will update the result accordingly. Step 7: Publish the Form Finally, when you are satisfied with the form, you can publish it by clicking on the "Publish" button. Your form is now ready to use by others. In conclusion, the Formula Field in the Form Builder application is an excellent feature that enables you to add calculated fields to your forms. With this feature, you can make your forms more efficient and accurate. We hope this user manual has been helpful, and you are now ready to use the Formula Field in the Form Builder application.
  • How to configure GirikForm Builder into Salesforce?
    Step 1 - Login into Salesforce with your credentials Step 2 - Click App Launcher > FB Admin > Setup Assistant Step 3 - Configure your domain & Provide access to the buttons Step 4 - Login Configuration Detail Step 5 - Set up Upload Configuration Detail like Full name, Mobile, Email Address, Start Application, Supported File Types & Maximum File Size Now, we are ready to create our forms.
  • How many forms can be created with GirikFormBuilder?
    There is no limitation on the number of forms with GirikFormBuilder's Premium version. You can use it as and when you want without any restrictions on the number of forms.
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