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Some of other features of APP


Lightning Enabled

Works on Lightning and Classic both

Data Storage

Collect data to any Salesforce Object

Drag and Drop Functionality

Build Forms and Survey with Drag and Drop feature

Flexibility in Publishing Forms

Manage all your forms from one place

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboard and Reporting on Data Collected

Customised Branding

You can choose from inbuilt Theme or customize

Customised Individual Questions

Can have questions as you need in the form

Additional Usability

Custom Develop to meet your any specific needs

Question Scores

Can map score to questions

Security Settings

Native APP built on Salesforce Platform

Supporting Questions

Support Services


Multiple Object Mapping

With Multi-object mapping, now you can associate records between different objects and create relationships, enabling streamlining of data entry and improving the accuracy and completeness of data.


Custom Reporting

Feature provides users with the ability to create and customize reports, with the added benefit of leveraging Salesforce reporting tools to generate as many reports as needed. 



Matrix feature allows users to create customizable grids with editable rows and columns, along with the option to provide helpful text for each field.


Unlimited Forms & Responses

GirikForm Builder provides the facility of creating unlimited number of forms & responses at any given point of time


Cloning of Forms

enables users to effortlessly replicate existing forms, saving time and streamlining the form-building process.


Formula Option

Empower your form with calculations by easily applying formulas to selected numeric values, with preview option for verification


Conditional Logic

Create dynamic web forms that respond to user input with our powerful Conditional Logic feature

Video Gallery

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All Videos

All Videos
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Using Matrix in Form Builder with voice

Using Matrix in Form Builder with voice

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installation of form builder with voice

installation of form builder with voice

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Create Single Page Form with Voice

Create Single Page Form with Voice

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Multipage form builderr with new voice

Multipage form builderr with new voice

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